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Welcome to the Hidalgo County Adult Volunteer Resources page. We are grateful to all our volunteers for their time and the knowledge they dedicate to our program. The following resources are here to help you in the organization, running, and management of your 4-H Club. Please do not hesitate to call our office at (956) 383-1026 with any questions you may have!

Your role as an adult volunteer is to provide a safe, positive, and educational environment for kids to get the most out of their 4-H experience. Please review the to make sure your club is in compliance with all the rules and guidelines as stated by 4-H, Inc. The following topics and accompanying literature will help ensure that your club is in compliance with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service & 4-H Inc. standards.

YOUTH PROTECTION STANDARDS: 4-H volunteers will be assessed a volunteer application fee in the amount of $10. This fee will be assessed annually when a 4-H volunteer creates or reactivates his/her profile in 4H Online. The application fee will cover the cost of volunteer screening (which will continue to be conducted every three years) and expedite the screening process when paid by credit card.


  • 4-H Inc. provides a General Liability policy for all enrolled 4-H members/volunteers that are enrolled in chartered 4-H clubs.
  • Beginning the 2015-2016 year, 4-H Inc. provides an Accidental/Medical policy for all enrolled 4-H members/volunteers that are enrolled in chartered 4-H clubs.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: All 4-H clubs MUST follow the 4-H Club Financial Management Rules & Guidelines for all financial transactions. Below are a list of resources to help your club comply:

2023-2024 Texas 4-H Financial Management Guide

  • Budget — Part of sound financial management is a good plan. Every activity where money is used should include a budget developed and approved ahead of time. A budget will be REQUIRED with your charter.
  • 2023-2024 Texas 4-H Financial Review Form
  • — A financial review will be a mandatory part of the Texas 4-H Club Chartering Process and will be required as an upload on 4-H Connect.
  • All clubs/organizations and counties must have a set of 2023-2024 Texas 4-H Sample Bylaws that include provisions for receiving and disbursing funds and the dissolution of club/organization assets if the club/organization disbands. All assets, fiscal and property, go to the county 4-H Program. An example of an approved dissolution clause is stated here:
    • “Upon the disbandment of the club, all real property, including money, equipment and land, shall become the property of the County 4-H Program for care and disposition. The last official duty of the club’s manager shall be to effect the transfer of club property and to turn over club records to the county Extension agent.”


  1. Please utilize the official Texas 4-H Rules & Guidelines Handbook for more information regarding membership: 23-24 Texas 4-H Rules & Guidelines
  2. A 4-H Member must be…
    1. A child, age 8 and in the 3rd grade to age 18 in the 12th grade.
    2. Enrolled on our 4H Online system.
    3. A child is not a member of Texas 4-H until they have an ACTIVE status listed on your profile in 4-H CONNECT
    4. A child CANNOT register for an event/contest until the member profile is ACTIVE.
  3. A 4-H Volunteer must be…
    1. An adult volunteers who pays $10 annually through the 4-H connect system in order to be screened through the Texas 4-H Youth Protection Standards program every three years. Volunteers do not receive ACTIVE status until screening is complete. PDF Guide to Enrolling NEW Adult / PDF Guide to Enrolling RETURNING Adult
    2. Adult Volunteers are non members of Texas 4-H until they have an ACTIVE status listed on their profile in 4-H CONNECT.
    3. Adults CANNOT register for an event until the member profile is ACTIVE.
  4. Enrollment in 4-H begins on August 15 of every year4-HOnline Enrollment Instructions
  5. Participation Fee for Youth: $25 between Aug. 15 – Oct. 31; $35 AFTER Nov. 1st.
  6. Club Manager’s will have access to their own 4-H Club in 4-H Connect. You may utilize this feature in order to obtain a roster of registered members in your club, see who has an ACTIVE/PENDING status for both youth and adult volunteers, and access contact information. — PDF Guide on 4-H Club Login on 4-H Connect

CLUB MANAGEMENT RESOURCES: The following resources are intended for club officers and club managers to gather ideas, management information, ceremonies, inspirations, program ideas, and other great club meeting resources.

POLICY ON LATE ENTRIES: The Hidalgo County 4-H program strives to provide a fair and honorable system which allows all children the equal opportunity to participate in our programs. We instate and enforce deadlines in order to provide each child the same amount of time to complete his/her paperwork, and to help our Hidalgo County 4-H office to run efficiently. Please be sure that families are aware that there are NO EXCEPTIONS for late entries by our office. Deadlines can be found on our 4-H Calendar Page, 4-H Events & Contests Page, and our Monthly 4-H Newsletters.

I want to start a New 4-H Club:

  1. Contact the Hidalgo County Extension office at (956) 383-1026 to schedule an interview with the 4-H Agent.
  2. Each club must be chartered. Every club/group must submit an online chartering application through the Texas  system (It will show up as an EVENT under ADULT profiles called: 16-17 CLUB ESTABLISHMENT AND CHARTERING). The adult who will be the club’s manager must fill out the chartering paperwork to begin the process. Download this 2020-2021 Club Chartering Worksheet to help guide you on the steps/documentation needed for your charter application. (Chartering Process & 2023-2024 Texas 4-H Chartering Instructions Obtain an EIN and open a bank account for the club.
  3. Once your club is chartered and approved, you must enroll at least 5 youth. Families may enroll using 4H Online.
  4. Recruit other adult volunteers to be co-managers and project leaders. Club managers, project leaders, and adult volunteers must pay a $10 background screening fee annually on 4-H Connect when they enroll.
  5. All managers, project leaders, and adult volunteers must complete a Child Protection Training every 2 years.
  6. If an adult works with youth OTHER THAN THEIR OWN CHILDREN, they MUST register on 4-H Connect as an adult volunteer, pay the screening fee, and complete the Child Protection training every 2 years.
  7. Utilize our Club Manager’s trainings, Project Leader trainings, and other Extension programs to familiarize yourself with 4-H. Check out our 4-H Calendar for upcoming trainings!
  8. Welcome to Hidalgo County 4-H!

Types of Clubs

There are different types of 4-H clubs you can start/join. Please read the descriptions below to see which club will fit your needs:

Traditional Club:

  • Consists of members in a community or neighborhood. Traditional clubs participate in a wide variety of 4-H projects and may contain several projects groups. Traditional clubs are long-term clubs and meet regularly over a period of 9-12 months with one or more club meetings each month.

Project Clubs:

  • Consists of members in a community or neighborhood conducting the same project. Project clubs have one main project area and may conduct other related projects. Project clubs are long-term and meet regularly over a period of 9-12 months with one or more club meetings each month.

Special Interest Club or “SPIN” Club:

  • Consists of members in a community or neighborhood conducting the same project. SPIN clubs differ from Project Clubs in that they are short-term clubs and may be active for only a few months out of the year. SPIN clubs do not require club officers.

School Club:

  • Consists of members who attend the same school.  Members attend 4-H club meetings within a school and are managed by teachers or other volunteers. Schools can participate in different projects or the same project.

Enhancing The Club Experience

Roles & Responsibilities of Club Managers

Planning to Strengthen Club Effectiveness

4-H Management Resources

Best Management Practices

Risk Management

Enrollment on 4-H Connect

Involving New 4-H Members

Parent Involvement

Installation Ceremony

These meeting inspiration topics are useful for club leaders to organize monthly club activities. Topic inspiration helps club leaders facilitate organized and fun monthly meetings for 4-H members. The officer installation activities provided creative ways to welcome new officers and teach them about their roles as officers in 4-H.


Contact Us:

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