Better Living for Texans

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Frances Flores

Yolanda Rios






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Goals of the Better Living for Texans Program are to assist limited resource families in acquiring needed knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to maximize resources, have nutritionally sound diets and improve health status and self-sufficiency.

Texas Families will learn to:

  1. Maximize the use of individual and family resources through budgeting and sound consumer decision making in buying nutritious foods.  Make informed choices based on an understanding of dietary guidelines and the My Plate and plan safe, economical, nutritionally sound meals for the family.
  2. Increase healthy prevention strategies that encourage individual and family nutritional status and well-being
  3. Strengthen basic skills of family food planning to enhance child nutritional status and well-being.


  • Nutrition
  • Food Preparation
  • Health & Exercise
  • Budgeting for Nutritious Meals

Educational Session Audiences

  • Groups/Organizations
  • Schools/Campuses
  • Club Meetings
  • Church Organizations

Better Living for Texans Curriculum

Series I – Back to the Basics

  • Reduce your stress through meal planning & physical activity
  • Spending less and getting more at the groecery store
  • Keeping your food safe

Series II – Get the Facts…

  • Get the facts on serving sizes
  • Get the facts on fat
  • Get the facts on sodium

Series III – Three Easy Bites

  • Start with breakfast
  • Snack right
  • Enjoy a healthy plate

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