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Bull Gain Test and Heifer Development Program

2018-2019 Information Packet Letter Version 2 (dated 9/28/18, goes with Information Packet, from County Extension Agents)
2018-2019 Information Packet Version 2 (dated 9/28/18, includes Memorandum of Agreement, application form, schedule & protocol)
2018-2018 Email Accompanying Packet Version 2 (dated 9/28/18 to previous consignors and interested cattlemen)

Notice- The decision has been made to move forward with plans to again have a sale at the end of the 2018-2019 bull gain test!!
The packet has all the details. All bulls that index in the top 50% and meet the other requirements are required to sell with the exception of the calf class. Beefmaster breed bulls are not eligible for the sale.

2018-2019 Cattle RSVP is MANDATORY!! Click here! The deadline is October 9, 2018.

Value Added Calf (VAC) Vaccination Program (vaccination recommendations)
Value Added Calf Management Program (Extension publication)
Cattle Trichomoniasis (information from Texas Animal Health Commission)

History of Participation (1998-2019) 21 years!!


2018-2019   Bull Data (pdf)   Sale Order (pdf)   Consignors   Terms    Award Group

2017-2018    Bull Data(pdf)   Sale Order(pdf)  Bull Data(Excel)   Heifer Data(pdf)  Heifer Data(Excel)   Consignors   Terms   Awards
2016-2017    Bull Data(pdf)   Heifer Data(pdf)   Bull and Heifer Data(Excel)  Consignors  Terms   Awards
2015-2016    Bull Data(pdf)   Heifer Data(pdf)   Bull and Heifer Data(Excel)   Terms   Awards
2014-2015    Bull Data(pdf)   Bull Data(Excel)     Awards    
2013-2014    Bull Data(pdf)    Heifer Data(pdf)    Consignors    Awards    Terms
2012-2013   Bull Data(pdf)    Heifer Data(pdf)    Consignors    Awards
2011-2012    Bull Data(pdf)    Heifer Data(pdf)    Consignors    Awards
2010-2011    Bull Data(pdf)    Heifer Data(pdf)    Consignors    Awards
2009-2010  Bull Data(pdf)    Heifer Data(pdf)    Consignors    Awards    Terms

The Rio Grande Valley Beef Improvement Association was created in 1998 to assist cattlemen in the Rio Grande Valley in improving the quality of their livestock.

The initial project undertaken by the Association was to conduct a Bull Gain Test and Heifer Development Program. This is an official gain test conducted by  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service under the direction of Dr. Joe Paschal, Extension Livestock Specialist and County Extension Agents in Cameron, Hidalgo, Willacy and Starr Counties.

Successful bull gain tests and heifer development programs have been conducted since 1998. 

The Simbrah, Santa Gertrudis and Beefmaster breeds have been represented in the largest numbers.

Other breeds have included: Simmental, Brahman, Braunvieh, Red Brangus, Charolais, Limousin, Hereford, Angus, Red Angus, Maine Anjou and others.

The Rio Grande Valley Beef Improvement Association is affiliated with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.  Any of the following County Extension Agents will glad to provide additional information.

(Vacant), County Extension Agent- Agriculture
Vidal Saenz, EA-CEP
Hidalgo County, 956-383-1026 or 1-800-638-8239

(Vacant), County Extension Agent- Agriculture
Cameron County, 956-361-8236

Omar Montemayor, County Extension Agent- Agriculture
Starr County, 956-487-2306

Ronnie Zamora, Extension Agent- CEP Community Development
Matthew Rodriguez, County Extension Agent- Agriculture
Willacy County, 956-689-2412

Derek Correa, County Extension Agent- Agriculture
Brooks County, 361-325-4402


Dr. Joe Paschal taking pelvic measurements


Ultrasound Technician Donnie Robertson

Ultrasound Technician Donnie Robertson


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