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Step Up Scale Down is a 12-week educational program based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines, which help Americans choose a healthful eating plan within their calorie requirements to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The Dietary Guidelines provide sound scientific information about how proper dietary habits can promote health and reduce risk for major chronic diseases.

The Step Up Scale Down curriculum consists of twelve lessons. The series are as follows:
1. Scale Down by Setting Goals
2. Step Up to a Healthy Plate
3. Scale Down by Reading Labels
4. Step Up to Breakfast and Menu Planning
5. Scale Down with Moves to Lose
6. Step Up Your Hydration
7. Scale Down by Finding Your Motivational Mojo
8. Step Up to Healthy Snacking
9. Scale Down with a Colorful Plate
10. Step Up to Successful Socializing
11. Scale Down by Knowing Your Numbers
12. Step Up and Celebrate

Participants must be committed to complete the program in 12 weeks.

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