4-H Dancefit for McAllen ISD

Please complete the form below when concluded with the 6-week 4-H Dancefit series.

Please only check one answer box.

4-H Dancefit Evaluation

  • Students participated in daily physical activity before 4-H Dancefit.
  • 4-H Dancefit is fun.
  • 4-H Dancefit makes the students want be physically active.
  • This program makes the students feel better about themselves.
  • The students have begun exercising regularly as a result of this program.
  • The students have noticed changes in their moods and physical appearance.
  • The students feel like they belong when they participate in 4-H Dancefit.
  • The students would like to take more 4-H Dancefit classes.
  • The students made new friends during 4-H Dancefit.



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