Anger Management

Anger Management

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offers a new and highly effective approach to anger control that gives you the tools you need to manage anger in your day-to-day life.  You’ll get a deeper understanding of how anger affects all areas of your life-both physically and emotionally-and within a few weeks feel the benefits of controlling destructive anger.  This program shows you how to practice new coping behaviors that allow you to gain control in anger stimulation situations.

This program is a three week session.  The following information will be learned

  • Emergency Anger Control
  • The Cost of Anger
  • Understanding Your Anger
  • Relaxation Skills
  • Trigger Thoughts
  • The Anger Distortions
  • Creating Coping Thoughts
  • Problem-Solving Communication
  • Your Plan for Real-life Coping

Fee: $50.00

Click on the link for Virtual Anger Control Classes: Anger Control Program

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Contact Information

Call Joanne Ureste at 956-383-1026 for more information.



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