Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s Strengthening Families Program is a 6-week parenting education series designed for parenting of school-aged children. The research-based educational program was developed to strengthen the relationships between parents and their children and to equip parents with the skills they need to effectively raise their children.


Session 1: Developmental Expectations and Stress Management

Lesson 2: Objectives and Rewards

Lesson 3: High Risk Kids and Communication

Lesson 4: Communication II, Problem-solving and Giving Directions

Lesson 5: Limit Setting

Lesson 6: Implementing the behavior plan and maintaining good behavior

Benefits of Participation

Active parenting plays an essential role in a child’s development and later life success. Research indicates that parents who are warm, responsive to their children’s needs, respectful, consistent, highly involved in all aspects of their children’s development, model appropriate behavior, and who provide firm, yet not overly harsh discipline, increase their children’s potential for success in life and reduce the risks for delinquent behavior during the adolescent and teen years.
Positive parenting practices in times of stress (such as financial hardship, divorce, or family illness) can often act as a buffer against such challenges and help build children’s coping and adjustment skills. In contrast, ineffective or dysfunctional parenting practices can lead to poor outcomes for children, including behavioral problems and diagnosed mental health conditions.

Become a Parent Educator Volunteer

Become a Parent Educator Volunteer. Parent Educator Volunteers are local people who, with appropriate training, work with a Family and Consumer Sciences agents to teach, evaluate, or provide support services to the education programs. There are many possibilities!

Enroll into Program contact our office to find out dates and times.


Joanne Ureste

Extension Agent-Family Resources AgriLife Extension-Hidalgo County

410 N. 13th Ave. Edinburg, TX 78541

Phone: 956.383.1026

Fax: 956.383-1735


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